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Hi! BaekMinJi93 here ~

Just call me Bebe not “Thor or Author”. High school student with having excited to writes many more freaking story. The girl was born in Patriot City 16th years ago with introvert + sarcastism characteristic. But if you make good impression with me, I will give you a my best attitude or we’ll become a close friend ^-^

So, wanna know more about me?

You can visit on My Cafe and contact me on Twitter. LINE? Mention me via Twitter, okay?

Before I let you go, please say hi! to them…

| OMG’s Double Cuteness Maknae |

Arin & Binnie

Ah! If you have a leisured, don’t forget to visiting me on other rooms, yap…

| GFriendnesia | HJSFI | IOIFFI | LFI | SKF | WJFI |

Last, thanks and see ya~

— BaekMinJi93 —

Author: sweetbaebe

I'm not intro nor extro tho, Babe! I'm ambi, okay?!

14 thoughts on “INTRO_BaekMinJi93

  1. Be ketemu lagi disini ._.


  2. Kak bebe…..


  3. halo be, aku ingat kamu juga nulis di lvlzffindo kann??😁 salken~~ night,98l^^


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