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[Drabble] Of Us and That Ridiculous Pinky Swear

pinky swear

Casts YooA – Yoo Shiah [OH MY GIRL], Song Chanho [Ulzzang] Genre Fluff Length Drabble Rating PG-15 Disclaimer I own nothing but the plot


© 2016 namtaegenic


“Aku harus memotong kelingkingku.”

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[Drabble-Mix] One Day Of Seasons (END)


Dark Version

Vylareika Present

AU;Slice of Life;Family;lil bit Hurt-Comfort;failedAngst| PG-15 | Drabble-Mix

Oh My GirlJinE ; Seunghee ; Jiho ; Binnie &

Seventeen Seungcheol – Mingyu – Minghao

Nothing is mine. But the plot of this story is mine. Don’t be plagiaters, okay^^

I’m sorry for the typo(s)


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