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just imagine she was me ‘-‘)v ]

Annyeong haseyo!

Arin Darojatul Aliya

An ordinary girl who born on 2nd of April in the same year as our ARIN!


Just like Mimi do, I love to eat!

My personality is close to Mimi’s.

banyak kesamaan sama Arin / Personality seperti Mimi/  Suka malu-maluin kayak Hyojung/ Atau juga jayus kayak JinE /Can be super extra like Jiho do / quite smartie like Binnie/ Try to have golden voice like Seunghee / Love my parents the most like YooA!/

Try to speak in 5 languages ; Arabic-English-Bahasa-Korean-Japanese

Call me Arin or Vyl


Find me on : Twitter | FacebookID Linearindarojatulaliya | Ask.fmBloggeu



Author: arindaliya

Arin | 99L | Loves to write, edit, and imagine | a K-Popers and K-Drama lover | SM Rookies's Mark Lee 's Future girlfriend

7 thoughts on “INTRO_Vylareika

  1. Heyyo! Kupanggil Vyl yo?

    Marseu dari garis nol tiga here ❤


  2. Haihai selamat datang penghuni baru disini 😀

    Mayla. 00liner


  3. haloh ariiin><
    mau nyapa balik biar samaan(?)

    semangat terus nulisnya arin^^

    Liked by 1 person

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